MX-10 Mini Dirt Bike (Adult version)

Bike Info:

The OSET MX-10 Mini Dirt Bike is a revolutionary electric  bike for off-road and motocross for all ages. Compared to the traditional petrol bike sold for the last few decades, this machine is a leap forward in performance and usability.

*** Winner of the 2018 MiniBike Supercross Championship 88cc class*** 

A ground up design features a steel frame, powerful OSET motor, controller and OSET 20ah lithium battery, designed to work in unison on this machine. Very few components are shared with other OSETs. This was truly a ground up design that takes OSET into new territory and new heights. A 48v OSET drive system (complete with 3-dial adjustability) and with top specification components, this machine has the potential to re-define the mini bike market around the globe.

The MX-10 Mini Dirt Bike features a custom upside-down fork built to OSET's specifications and an adjustable oil shock at the rear. Hydraulic disc brakes with reach adjustable levers provide plenty of stopping power.

With the dials turned up, the acceleration is spectacular. With them turned down, the MX-10 is very tame and ideal for first timers.

The MX-10 features an adjustable seat height – giving riders more confidence as they can touch the ground. When lowering the bike, the geometry alters to provide more stability for beginners. The front forks, rear shock and brakes are all designed to suit the bike and the individual rider – they’re lightweight and adjustable because one size does not fit all.

One of the biggest hurdles riders must overcome when riding a traditional petrol starter machine is the power delivery. With most of the power at the top of the rev range. The MX-10 resolves that issue. The power, throttle response and top speed can all be easily altered to suit the rider.

The MX-10 opens up many more options than its petrol counterparts.  It means more time on the bike, more skills and more fun!



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Technical data:

Wheelbase - 940mm (37.0’’)
Seat Height - Adjustable, 3 settings. 515 - 550mm (20.3 - 21.7’’)
Suspension - Front USD air fork, adjustable rebound & preload. Rear shock, preload adjustable & oil dampened
Motor - 1400W 48V OSET neodymium magnet DC motor
Batteries - 1 x OSET 20Ah 48V Lithium battery with charging, discharging & diagnostic ports
Charger - 3 amp 48V, Lithium Ion
Handlebar Height - Adjustable, 3 settings. 805 - 815mm (31.7 – 32.1’’)
Wheels - 10’’ x 1.60’’ front & rear alloy hub/rims
Ground Clearance - Adjustable, 3 settings. 170 - 200mm (6.7 – 7.9’’)
Controller - 48V OSET with thermal cut out, adjustable for power, speed & response
Age Range - All ages including adult
Rider Weight Limit - - 176 lbs (80.0kg)
RRP - Sale price - £2,499.00 (sale price only available from UK dealers - Price from OSET importers will vary)

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MX-10 Mini Dirt Bike (Adult version)
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